A Salute to “The Most Dangerous Woman in America”

On March 28, 2015, 200 people gathered at the Irish American Heritage Center for WWHP’s benefit to help fund the new Mother Jones Museum in Mount Olive, Illinois.  A variety of entertainment and education awaited them.  Guests were treated to food and drink, with performances by singer Kathy Cowan.  Keynote speaker Rosemary Feurer showed a portion of her Mother Jones documentary and spoke about Mother Jones’ work as well as the importance of keeping her legacy alive; next WWHP board member Margaret Fulkerson gave a talk about the museum itself.  Later on in the night, Equity actor Brigid Duffy gave an electric performance as Mother Jones returned to critique labor rights and politics in our modern-day world.  

Much to everyone’s delight, the benefit raised over $6,000 for the museum!