Child Care in Chicago

The Committee on Child Care in Chicago (CCC) is committed to learning about and improving the availability of quality child care to women with fewer means.  Jonathan Cohn in the New Repubic identifies the lack of quality, affordable day care as “the most significant barrier to full equality for women in the workplace.”* The barrier to full equality falls most heavily on women in underserved communities. In addition to the lack of quality, affordable child care, CCC is also concerned that as a society we do not accord child care practitioners sufficient pay or respect for the work they do. Our Committee addressed these issues with four projects.

  • INTERVIEWS of parents of children in child care and of the caregivers who care for the children

Contact for more information on any of these projects.

*Cohn, Jonathan. “The Hell of American Day Care: An investigation into the barely regulated, unsafe business of looking after our children,” New Republic, April 15, 2013, 9.