Some of the Spoken Art Vendors


ARTIST Statement

Ssculpture by Elena RakochyMaking art allows me to explore how the different aspects of life affect people’s decision-making process, and more specifically my own choices. My work is primarily organic, inspired by nature and by the natural connections that we have with other people and our surroundings. What most interests me is how relationships that I have with other people, with my community and my environment, and with myself, influence how I make my decisions. How much control do we have over our options and how much is dictated by things beyond our control? How does the mind fit into it all? My sculptures are physical manifestations of the thought patterns that direct my decisions; abstractions of the paths that I follow. My sculptures interact both with the spaces they occupy and the spaces they create: just like people have to consider both their surroundings and the effect they have on what is around them.

I love to take the jumbled up thoughts in my head and translate them into sculptures.



ARTIST Statement

Sculpture by Robin Monique RiosMy photographic work derives from my deep seeded emotional response to the world around me. The process of my creation begins with my Nature and Architectural photography. For me this is a reflective journey that helps me to shed the everyday and reconnect with my inner self. My digital media focuses more on my emotional response to the social, political and religious issues of the past and present. In order to create these pieces I begin and end with my own photographs which were taken throughout my travels. I use my images like a painter uses paint, I add layer upon layer until I have reached an image that I feel thoroughly conveys my inner emotions and thoughts. I also consider myself a sculptor. I use recycled and surplus materials to create my one of a kind pieces. Departing from the more serious aspects of life, as in my photographic work, my sculptures allow me a childlike state of mind that awakens my playful spirit and hopefully provokes the same response in my viewer.


Sculpture by Roberta MezinskasA love affair with nature, all things green & growing; the garden and natural world all inspire my painting. Creating with a variety of techniques on glass is an ongoing exploration and challenge. The beauty of light shining through color and the design possibilities of transparency compliment my motifs. The functionality of the forms can enhance our enjoyment of nature, incorporating it’s beauty into our lives.

Enameled glass, ACMI certified (non-toxic acrylic). Low-fired for permanence. Handwash/toprack safe, candle safe. Most forms r-purposed/vintage, 100% recyclable. Custom orders available.