In memory of labor advocate, Addie Wyatt

Rev. Addie WyattRev. Addie L. Wyatt, 1924-2012, one of the most prominent leaders and advocates for organized labor, civil rights and women’s rights passed away on Wednesday, March 28, 2012.

Rev. Wyatt said it best herself, “Life can be better, but we have to make it so.” She fought her whole life to do just that; she fought for us all, and was one our strongest, advocates, breaking down walls and barriers on every front. She is one of those people who you wish would go on forever and certainly her legacy will truly live on.

More of Rev. Wyatt’s story can be found in an extended interview of Rev. Wyatt done by WWHP in 2002.

The Working Women’s History Project bestowed the Mother Jones Award on Rev. Wyatt in March, 2003. Alma French Washington, wrote and portrayed Rev. Wyatt in an original performance piece, Rev. Addie L. Wyatt: Life Can Be Better.”

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